8 am - 12 am
1 pm - 5 pm
6 pm - 10 pm
8:30 AM
Wake up in the morning and enjoy the sunlight.
10:20 AM
I walked my dog Arthur around my apartment.
he is still a corgi puppy!
9:15 AM
I steamed some frozen dumplings I bought from
H-mart couple days ago. The pork and rice noodles
were surprisingly good. I thought I should buy more
of them next time!
11:03 AM
Arthur loves to stay at the balcony. Usually he
would bark at the sound outside but whenever
he's staying at the balcony, he is always peace
and quiet. Maybe I should consider building a house
for him at the balcony. I once built a bird house
in my body world machine class using wood, so
I guess I may have the skills to build a dog house
12:30 AM
I took Arthur to the Veterinarian for his physical
examination. He was being overly excited because
he hadn't been there for a long time. He is one of
those dogs that never scared of the vet. When the
vet tried to give him a shot, he didn't even care
about it and kept his excitement. WOW!
2:40 PM
I took Arthur to the dog park. He met some of his
friends and enjoyed the best time of his day.
1:35 PM
I went to Shoyou Sushi for lunch and ordered
Sashimi bowl, there was a little octopus on the side.
This is probably the best sushi restaurant I've been
to in Baltimore!
4:00 PM
I was driving by the Johns Hopkins campus.
5:25 PM
I went to Tsaocaa Tea and bought a bubble tea.
8:15 PM
I made some chicken breasts and smoothes with
strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, coconut
milk, yogurt and spinach. I guess Arthur wanted
some too!
7:30 PM
I decided to go to the the gym for a 30-minute-run
so I could burn some calories.
10:02 PM
I went to the bed. This was a nice day.